What are Watermelon Friends?

Watermelon Friends are watermelons carved in the design of your choice and filled with mixed fruit salad.


What Watermelon Friend designs do you make?

We've made watermelon whales, watermelon owls, Noah's Arks for christenings, watermelon cows for barnyard birthdays... We can design almost anything by special request.


What is included when I order a Watermelon Friend?

Your Watermelon Friend order includes a custom carved watermelon, mixed fruit salad inside, and any required decorations to complete the design.

Fruit selection varies based on seasonality. We do our best to provide a good mix of the freshest fruit inside your Watermelon Friend.


I've seen a carved watermelon that I like online or on Pinterest. Can you make it?

Yes! We love a challenge and would love to create something amazing for you, with our own dash of originality. Send us a photo or website link of what you've seen and we'll let you know!

How much are your Watermelon Friends?

Each Watermelon Friend is unique and custom made, and costs vary based on the complexity of the design. Please contact us with your party theme or an idea of what you'd like and we will give you a quote.

If you'd like some extra cut fruit around your Watermelon Friend to make it a platter, we can arrange this too for an additional fee.


When do I need to place my order?

Please place your order for a Watermelon Friend at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Contact us via email if you have a last minute order and we'll let you know if we have availability.


Where can you deliver?

Delivery is available anywhere across Sydney, at very reasonable rates according to distance. Talk to us to make arrangements.


Is it easy for me to transport my Watermelon Friend to another location?

Yes! We can pack your Watermelon Friend securely to ensure there are no spills or disasters on your journey! He's the star and we want him to make it to the show in one piece!

Contact Us


Want a custom watermelon for your next event?

Send us an email at hello@watermelonfriends.com.au or via our enquiry form and we'll be in touch shortly!